About Us



Why handbags?

I am a handbag ADDICT! I have carried every major brand, but there has always been something that I wanted to change. One day it just clicked. I decided I would design my own bags! I began sketching a shape of a bag I thought was beyond fabulous, and then I started tweaking the design, adding elements that I felt would make the perfect bag. I wanted a bag that was functional, secure, and colorful! As the bags were beginning to come to life I thought, well, I will either have a lifetime supply of bags all to myself, or maybe, there will be a world of Beck girls out there that love these bags as much as I do!

Why no strap? 

Straps are tricky. They can take away from the elegance of holding a bag. Straps can change the entire look of a bag, for the good or the bad. We wanted to introduce our brand to you with our vision of a classic, modern, simplistic bag that is as bold as we are. As our brand grows it is likely that we will be introducing new product lines that incorporate adjustable and interchangeable straps. 

Why the velvet interior?

Every time I slip my hands into my bag I want to feel why my bag is special. I want to feel something posh. Texture is exciting to us. The velvet is unexpected yet extremely durable.

How do you pick the colors?

Every color means something special to me, my family, and my friends. Whether it's a color of an important garment in my life or a color that reminds me of somewhere that I have traveled. I pick them because the make me feel something.

How do you pick the names?

The colors are named for friends and family, places I have traveled and even after my sweet fur babies!

Why do you not follow season color releases?

I was once at a fashion show during NYFW with an amazing bright yellow handbag. I felt so amazing carrying this bag. It was winter. At the fashion show a woman came over to me and glanced down at my bag and with her nose in the air said to me, " HA, a yellow bag, how bold...". I will never forget that moment. In true Beck fashion I said to myself....yep, I am bold and I am proud. Fashion and color should make people feel amazing and fabulous, so I decided in that moment that fashion would no longer live in seasons for me. I would wear what made me feel my best!

So here at Beck we don't follow seasons or trends., we follow our hearts.

Where did the brand name come from?

My father called me Beck when I was growing up. The trend caught on as my brothers came into the picture. I have always loved that name. In a crowded of people, I always know I'm being called when I hear that name. It seemed almost natural that this brand be named Beck. The name stands out and is such a personal part of my life. 

Who runs the social media?

Madison, my fabulously talented daughter

Who does all of your photography?

Me and my incredibly talented husband, with a little help from my insanely talented friends

Who does all of your fun graphics?

My daughter's beautiful mind

Who is your target beck girl?

Look in the mirror.