Bag Care

Congratulations on becoming a Beck Girl ... now prepare to be obsessed. It's okay, we are obsessed with the bags also. But when it comes to caring for these luxurious leather beauties, how much do you really know?

 1. First and foremost. Unpacking your Beck Bag

The girls come packed flat so that it saves on shipping to you. When you remove the bag from the box you may notice a crease or fold in the leather. Trust me, that goes away easily! When the leather gets warm it will begin to soften. If you are impatient like myself you can simply fill your new bag full of your life and start to wear. The fold will fall. If you are the type that can wait, you can lightly steam the interior and pat the fold away. I once had a beck girl tell me how thankful she was for heated seats in her car because she just filled her bag and then turn the seat on high .... fold gone by the time she got to work. No matter the method you use ... the fold will come out!

2. Cleaning that posh velvet interior

Velvet is surprisingly resilient. You may use a non harsh dish soap and warm water or even upholstery cleaner. 

3. Keeping her looking brand new on the outside

This is sooooo easy. Warm wet washcloth or with a drop of non harsh dish soap and VIOLA .... she looks like the day she came home to you!! I personally have had much success with just a warm water washcloth .... no need for the soap!!

3. Storing your Beck Bags

The ladies have a very distinctive shape. I like to wear mine more boxy. I have found that when I store my bags filled with a small toss pillow I am able to keep my desired shape. Training the bag to the shape you prefer is easy .... it is all in the shape while storing. You can store with a shaper for a more square form or store flat with the flaps out for that more winged bag look. Either look you choose ... it is easy to do!

It may seem very easy to care for your new perfect bag. It is. We made it without all of the fuss.